#neviensneprecas – now I would call this a tradition. Second year in row when it is cold and dark outside and wedding season has passed away, there is a night when the wedding industry professionals come together to for a dinner party – wedding planner Inga from Bannté invites her colleagues photographers, decorators, filmmakers, makeup and hair artists, cake masters and wedding artists and more, everyone who has been a part of this years journey. Contact her if you want to have the best wedding ever! Also big thanks to Frics and Mesty Gourmet for a super-delicious meal.

We are very happy to be a part of this collective. We are truly amazed where are we now. It has been only one year and we have grown so fast from a total beginers to a better filmmakers and hopefully photographers of the wedding community.

Enjoy this dark and golden candle light evening. xoxo