October 26, 2016

Exploring Spain

Ahhh finally back home after being away for 11 days abroad. We explored Barcelona and took a roadtrip to Valencia and around.
We reached out for our summer holidays in October. Yes, October, because there is no other time to go on a vacation if you shoot weddings, for sure. Although there was not that much sun, but still it was good to have some adventures in big cities like Barcelona and Valencia, small villages and mountain hikes.

We met our dear friend Zane in Valencia (she is in Erasmus there), she took wonderful photos of us, if you are curious.

Here is some favourites from out trip: The he Gothic part of Barcelona, small town Sitges near Barcelona, Valencias main beach La Malva Rosa and Central Market, small village Chulilla with amazing views and canyon where to hike, Calpe town with mountain – Peñón de Ifach, castles in Xativa and El Castell de Guadalest, hot springs Montanejos.

That walk on Peñón de Ifach was craaazzzzy. I had emotional breakdowns multiple times, the walk was very dangerous, walking those big rocks without any security. But the look from the top of the mountain was amazing and breathtaking.

As much as we wanted to leave our cameras aside, we could not do it, so here is a photo story from our trip and a small vlog. Enjoy!