January 4, 2018

Laura × Matīss // Wedding story

When your friend that you know for 16 years gets married, I already knew that it would be magical. I have not seen him that happy ever. All that because of his girl who is now his wife. The day was filled with love and laughs from early morning. The atmosphere was magical – the people, the foggy and windy weather made the day even more special to them and to us. The ceremony was soooo special and they shared the most emotional vows that we have heard. Learn from them – make your day special to yourself, not for everybody else!

We created something that we are proud of. Like really proud of. We love you, guys.

Location: Užava, Latvia // Venue: Ganības // MUAH: Kristīne Cimbule // Dress: Katya Katya Shehurina