August 14, 2017

Marta × Andris // Sunset swim

For the mood turn on the music.

This night was every photographers dream. The couple, the light, the dogs, the sea. Everything. And I will tell you how was it.

This is Marta and Andris. And their 3 dogs which they love to the moon and back – Archy, Juna and Uffa. We managed to meet up only after 3 times, first it was the weather that made us cancel the shoot. The second time it was one of the dogs that got an injury. The third time was the lucky one – we just randomly picked the day, although it was raining in the middle of the day, but the evening was puurrrrrfect. They both met at the university where they are studying veterinary and we felt that they really love their little friends and all the animals on this planet.

So we had one of the nicest evenings of this summer (yeah, it is not great this year) and an epic sunset. We even had a countdown and cheers until the time the Sun fell into the sea, like New Years eve. While I was shooting, Jānis helped us a lot to have dogs attention to the camera. ohhh, it is even harder than shooting kids, haha. But we all managed to have fun. Then we sat down for some takeaway pavlovas that Marta cooked before the shoot, for the snacks. When we got to the sea, we were shocked how warm was the sea. Okay, like really warm. I even believe that it was the warmest I have ever felt. Sooo, as you may notice down the gallery, yes, we all went swimming. Without the swimsuits, just with our clothes and it was wonderful.  The only ones that were not swimming were the dogs, haha.

I am sooo happy that they found us, that we managed to meet up. We enjoyed working with them, how they love each other, how they love their dogs. We felt your love to the guts, guys, and this night will stay in our memories for a looong time. xoxo