April 13, 2017

Northern Lights × Norway

Two weeks ago we returned from a trip from Northern Noway. We went way above the Arctic Circle, to a Northern city called Tromsø.

Funny story is how ended up going from Spring in Riga to a 1,5m of snow. Our relative gave us a magnet from Tromsø. We looked at it many times visiting fridge so we though – lets go! One of our travel goals ever was to see the Northern Lights since here in Latvia they are not even visible with eyes, only with cameras just above the horizon and happen very rare.

Tromsø is an island (also largest city in Northern Norway) located 350km above the Arctic Circle, in between fjords and there are 70,000 inhabitants. The island is build full with houses and they are still continuing. It was pretty hard to move around the city since it was full with ups and downs (it happens when you go there from Latvia which is flat like a pancake). By the way, it is the most expensive city in Europe, yeah, when you pay 12 € for a Burger King haha.

No regrets going from a Spring back to winter, because we were very lucky that we met Ingus, a Latvian who is working with husky dogs at the dog sledding. He helped us to hunt for the Northern Lights for two nights. We had a total lack of sleep but it was totally worth it! We never thought that Northern Lights can move soooo fast in different shapes and colours and you have wait for them for a long time even though the sky is clear. Ingus managed to make for us a bonfire night in the middle of nowhere, we drank coffee and tea, had a view to a Tromsø city and we saw like the strongest light ever, but did not even capture them. We just screamed, yelled ********** and enjoyed. By the way, when dogs see the Northern lights they are starting howl very loud. And when you are next to 300 huskies and they all howl the feeling is very, very weird and scary, yet awesome!!! You’ll see Aurora Borealis in REAL time, not long exposured.

Ingus showed us his trailer where we chilled for two nights and also made us the best toasts ever. You’ll see the photos below. We also did some dog sledding and experienced some Northern puppy love.

We also drove around the fjords and cities next to Tromsø and experienced some awesome mountain views and landscapes #screensavertraveling . We drove to a small towns where there are only 20 houses, but only 2 inhabitants during winter time, but still the roads where kept clean even though we had snow storms. Also used a funicular to go up 500m to a mountain. There was supercrazy wind going on, like 50m/s, so it looks like a snow desert and it was freezing cold though.

Good memories now are kept in our minds and fresh air in our lungs. The air was fantastic! Maybe we will return in Summer time when you can experience midnight Sun. Yes, the Sun 24/7. This place is totally worth visiting!

A short film and gallery from our trip are down below. Cheers!



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